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How to Tie a Wedding Dress Sash

1Put the sash around your waist, and have someone pull the sash straigh

t out from the body until it is even.

2.Cross the two sides of the sash in the back of the body,and wrap around 

   to  the front. Depending  on  the  length ofthe sash, this  may  need  to be 

done more than once.

3Tie a basic knot in the front of the body.

4Make  a  loop  with  the  left  side of  the  sash, making  it intoa half bow


5Wrap the right side of the sash above and behind the bowthat you just 


6Pull the right end of the sash behind the left bow.

7Gently pull the sash through the loop that you just created.

8Pull the ends tight to create a bow.


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