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The most fashionable collocation in 2016
A wedding dress without a little extra dazzle just doesn’t seem finished, does it?  Wedding dress sashes are a huge trend right now. They complete the effect of your dress, while also complementing your other accessories.  Here are a few tips on how to pick the perfect sash for your wedding dress.

  Watch the proportions
If you are wearing a knee or tea-length dress, consider a thinner sash.  As you can see from the example above, a wide or elaborate sash would have looked out of place and distracted from the dress.This wide and dramatically bejeweled sash (below) would pair well with a longer dress so that the scale is more balanced.

Juxtapose interesting textures.
You don’t want your sash to overpower your wedding dress, but you do want it to get noticed. Make sure that you pick materials and designs that will stand out from the fabric of your wedding dress, while still coordinating with it.  For example, this crystal and pearl starburst pattern would go well with a lace trumpet gown that otherwise doesn’t have much embellishment.

When in doubt, go for sparkle.
In our regular, non-wedding planning lives, we would never go for something as crystal-encrusted and ultra sparkly as some of these sashes.  But because they are sitting against the backdrop of an equally once-in-a-lifetime gown, this is an exception.  Make sure to check out how sparkly sashes catch in the light, and make sure to try on a variety of styles and designs with your dress.  That sash that looks too over-the-top in the case will probably seem just right when it’s on!

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