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Weeding Dress Sashes
Just when you think you’ve bought everything you need to look smashing on your wedding day, here come the sashes. Some wedding dresses absolutely require them because the designer expected they would be there, others are just a lovely option. From thin and belted to over-the-top floral frivolity, here are wedding dress sashes to go with just about any gown.

Above, this may be one of our very favorite sashes. Why?  It has the chic sophistication of a belted style, with a little more beading than usual. It’s the perfect and rare blend of simple and sparkly. Because of the style of beading, this can go with a broad range of wedding dresses, but probably wouldn’t do a slinky sheath any favors due to its proportions.

Below, this barely there sash is a terrific choice for a dress that needs just a tiny emphasis on the waist. A sash of any size with a looser silhouette like this one will help give the bride more of an hourglass shape. Unless a gown is precisely tailored to your body, you’ll appreciate the optical illusion a sash provides.
For a modern and trendy touch, go gold. This thin, gold belt is bold and stark against the antique lace used in this dress.  For a bride who wants her look to have some juxtaposition.

When you really want to draw attention to your waistline, just add color. Above, this thick, two-toned ribbon with beaded center is gorgeous with this retro number. Below, use beads or crystals in your palette to stand out from the white of your dress.
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